13 Haunted Places To Avoid Part 2


From the creepiest cemeteries that will give you nightmares to the mansions where tragedy took place & mysterious happening occur.

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7. Charleville Castle
This Gothic style castle has been deemed as one of the scariest places on Earth and somewhere you might want to avoid on your next trip to Ireland. One of the most famous ghosts that live within the walls of this 17th century castle, is that of a little girl named Harriet. Her soul still wanders the the main stairway after she fell to her death down this staircase in 1861, when she was sent to go wash her hand before eating. Visitors have felt her presence in this location or even heard a small girl singing during the night. Audio samples of a paranormal voice of a child was done after an investigation.

6. Essex Haunted Cottage
A woman named Vanessa Mitchell decided to sell this spooky cottage house in St. Osyth, Essex, United Kingdom because she couldn’t take it anymore! The cottage was at one time a medieval jailhouse that executed accused practicers of witchcraft. When bought the house in 2004, she was unaware of the cottages spooky history and now she wants to avoid it! Also known as the cage, she apparently has seen ghostly images like this one here, of what looks like a satanic ghost! This image was captured on a security camera. If this doesn’t seem frightening enough. She also claims she was spanked by a ghost. Most people who’ve purchased this home don’t make it longer than 4 years. Could you live in a medieval witch prison?

5. Bailey Mansion
This mansion located in Hartford, Connecticut is the haunted house that inspired the popular TV Series known as American Horror Story. It appeared in the season 1 called Murder House. In American Horror story, the family claims they were haunted by demons and not ghosts in this house. It’s now referred to as the Demon House. Why does the Northeast United States seem to be so haunted? This one doesn’t have any tales of true ghosts, but just its appearance alone makes you truly wonder.

4. Salem, Massachusetts
Another spooky place along the eastern seaboard is Salem, Massachusetts. This is home to the notorious Salem witch trials that lead 16 women and 4 men to gruesome executions in the 1600’s. Residents firmly believe their spirits still remain here. Several locations have reported supernatural spirits including the burying point. This is the specific burial ground of accused witches and one of the oldest cemeteries in the US. And don’t forget about the Salem Village Witchcraft memorial that commemorates the exact location of the executions.

3. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Who’d want to take a tour of a haunted lunatic asylum from the 1860’s in West Virginia? Probably the ones who don’t know they should avoid it. This location once housed thousands of mentally ill people. It’s said to be home to unexplainable voices and sounds that would send chills down your spine. Hundreds have unfortunately died here and it’s believed the souls of the mentally unstable still wander the hallways. It’s been featured on a few ghost television channels such as Ghost Adventures. It might be best just to watch and not go.

2. Tower of London
Another one of England’s Haunted buildings, the Tower of London has earned a reputation of being on of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom. Thou shalt not pass. It’s said to be haunted by Queen Anne Boleyn, who was once married to King Henry the Eighth. She was taken to the tower and beheaded here in 1563. People claim to see her headless ghost walking the towers corridors late at night. The tower of London was a place of torture and used as a prison for prominent figures.

1.Isla de las Muñecas
Just south of Mexico City, lies a small stretch of land that needs to be avoided in all cases if you don’t want nightmares. Despite it becoming somewhat of tourist attraction in recent years, this island is only inhabited by haunted dolls that reportedly move and whisper to each other at night. This was originally dedicated to the lost soul of girl who drowned off the coast of the island. The man who found a doll floating in a canal where she drowned, and hung it up on a tree as a sign of respect for the young girl. Now her spirit possesses the dolls. The locals continue to bring creepy dolls to the area for her to play with.



  1. While watching this my boiler (Well house boiler it is in my room) started
    screeching and buzzing. Definetly added that creepy vibe. Joys of being the
    eldest child at 14.

  2. I would LOVE to live in a haunted house. I think it would be fun. and
    imagine how much more fun halloween would be with your very own spirits
    sharing living space with you. oooohh, spoookyyy…

  3. In my town there are 24 ghosts there were 4 ghosts who lived in my old
    elementary school and 2 rare ghosts at my current middle school who I have
    seen and the rest are just wandering around places where there was dead
    things buried.

  4. The Paris cemetery you mention has a policy that explains so many opened
    graves. Due to crowding and high demand. The city began renting rather than
    selling plot space. Those whose families fell behind or passed themselves
    are disinterred and cremated