2016 Indoor Halloween Decorations.


The music I use daily was on YouTube called Spooky & Creepy Halloween Music by Herbert Hubert.



  1. I loved every bit of it. It makes your home look cozy. How was your mom
    doing when you went to visit her ? Thank you for giving us a glimpse into
    your SPOOKTACULAR world. Hugs to you & Poo Doo. : )

  2. Laurie! I was waiting for this video. Everything looks AMAZING. I love all
    your Halloween videos. Especially the last one you posted! Xo

  3. Wow – you seriously should design store windows. You’re so incredibly
    creative and talented!! You did an amazing job with all of the decor and it
    looks so cozy and festive! Everything is cohesive and just flows from one
    room to the next. Wow – amazing!

  4. Laurie, you and I have a lot of the same Halloween decor. Lol. Love how
    your decor looks spooky and cute. The lighting an ambiance is perfect.
    Awesome once again!