3 Haunted House Horror Stories!


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  1. My cousin lives across the street from me and I think her house is haunted
    by Mr. Collin(former houseowner) Before she moved in Mr. Collin and Ms.
    Evelyn used to live there since I was 5, before he passed away. My cousin
    then bought the house and has been living there since 08/09. Couple days
    ago she was telling me how sometimes when she’s alone or late at night
    she’ll hear footsteps or suddenly smell cigarettes. I jokingly told her
    maybe it was Mr. Collin checking up on the house; I shit you not, not even
    a minute went by and it started smelling like cigarette smoke and one of
    the books on the counter flew off. We just kinda sat there shocked cause
    neither of us were close to the counter. Mr. Collin was a nice man, so I
    don’t think he means any harm.

  2. Great job. I only have one minor issue, there was an f…ing obnoxious horn
    in the background. If you hadn’t been such a stellar narrator I would have
    left. But you are good enough so I kept listening.