35+ Animatronic Collection Of Small Props And Table Top Animatronics Spirit Halloween Express Target


This is DavidsTV’s Huge, small prop, Animatronic Collection of table top props! We just wanted to share how much our collection of Spirit Halloween Animatronics and Halloween Express Animatronics and animated Halloween props has grown from last year. We have bought many of these animated props from Halloween Express, Spirit Halloween, Target, Home Depot, Party City, Kmart and Walmart. Jagger and Dylan just love to play with all of their animated Halloween props. Jagger loves to setup the Halloween props and run around and play with them and talk to them. We aim to make the Halloween Zombies, Ghosts, Reapers, and other monsters kid friendly!

Our collection of small Halloween props is even larger than this, but this is what we decided to show in this animatronic collection video. We will do another video with another 15 or so Large animated props and the other 20+ small animated table top props soon!

We create family friendly Halloween content and make light of Zombies, Witches, Animated Props and creatures. Jagger is only 4 and he just loves to collect and play with all the Spirit Halloween & Halloween Express, and Tekky Toys Halloween animatronics and Halloween animated props. We buy most of our stuff from either Spirit Halloween or Halloween Express. We can’t wait to show you what sort of Halloween Decor, animated props and animatronics come out for 2016. The Spirit Halloween Giant Werewolf and the Halloween Express Ghost Trio unboxing are coming next! We also love the Gemmy animated props.

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  1. Guys, I love your videos. You have so many animatronics and props. I have
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