5 Creepiest & Most Haunted Locations In The World


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From a creepy old house that was responsible for some of the best aend most credible paranormal photographs and videos ever taken, to a mysterious house in California that was created to distract and confuse ghosts and spirits. Here are five incredible haunted locations from around the world, all of which have their fair share of paranormal activity.

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  1. I have one….my kids dad left me for my sister…her husband and I had
    heard this but didn’t believe it..my mom even knew and wouldn’t tell me..so
    my sister and I and my kids dad played ouija and I asked silently if my
    kids dad and myself would get back together. It (the board ) went to no and
    then each of the other asked a question silently…I actually heard a voice
    yell NO we laughed at it knowing we shouldn’t be laughing….demons don’t
    like that..after we were done I met a friend and started to leave with him
    knowing what was going on there at my sisters house i didn’t want to be
    there anymore and my kids dad asked me if I was seeing him Tony, I said
    yes, angry at him although not with Tony we walked off, we heard a engine
    acelerating behind us and Tony asked if Steve my kids dad would hit us, and
    pushed me hard to the left and Steve hit him with his car, and attempted to
    leave, Tony’s shoes were at the next corner,if I had been hit I wouldn’t be
    here, Tony’s knee was the only thing wrong but I felt so bad….he saved my

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Beechworth Asylum on a few occasions
    (I’m lucky enough to live only an hour or so away) and each time I’ve had
    some eery experiences. From hearing voices, to feeling so intensly sick
    when I went to enter a basement in one of the buildings, only to be fine
    when I ran outside. I can assure you that it is indeed haunted.

  3. i love scary stuff am a supernatural expert on these events and its october
    and its getting close to #this is halloween

  4. Do a video about the barbaric treatments that doctors used in the past to
    treat diseases. I don’t see many videos on this issue.

  5. While I don’t dispute these locations being haunted but there were
    locations not on on this list that are far more haunted then some the ones
    that are. Here are in my opinion some examples.

    The Hellfire Club, Montpellier Hill, Ireland

    Dragsholm Slot Castle, Denmark

    Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, US

    Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

    Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta Canada

    Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

    And finally how can you have a list like this and not even mention the
    Tower of London? Seriously there aren’t many places in the world more
    terrifying and haunted then that. There wasn’t even any locations in
    England mentioned and that’s ridiculous, there are easily a couple places
    in England that are more haunted and terrifying then every location on this
    list combined.

  6. Why do I do this myself? I don’t even believe this stuff… until it’s 2 am
    and I’m all alone. I need a hug and/or a weapon.