5 Darkest & Most Sinister Haunted Hospitals In The World


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From a haunted hospital in singapore that was used to torture victims during the second world war, to a buildings basement that was used to sacrifice patients to the devil. Here are five of the scarriest and creepiest hospitals in the world that are said to be teeming with paranormal activity…

Note: The Old Changi hospital has since turned into a hotel called the Raintr33. Crazy!

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  1. The fascist, secret police operating in WW2 era Japan were way more
    frightening than the Gestapo ever got. Realistically speakin’.

  2. Can anyone name of the top 5 most haunted countries, like of haunted
    forests, woods, houses, churches, and schools, which countries has the
    most, from 5 to 1?

  3. i dont get scared easily and often time i find it very hard to be afraid of
    sounds or rumors of supposed apparitions based on my experience at least. i
    often try to see things and experience stuff, i have had some very scary
    experiences as a kid that are hard for me to explain or anyone for that
    matter. definitely want to talk about it in some future video or something.
    funny enough ive always eanted to do youtube videos exploring creepy places
    since like 2008, then i saw it get popular and i was like damn lol.
    top5s definitely give me ideas for future projects, only recently ive had
    the resources to do so so maybe beginning next year, so thanks mr top5s for
    your videos that have give me inspiration

  4. If anyone wants to visit changi hospital there are nearby hotels to stay
    and the buildings of the hotel looks similar too.

  5. you should look into waverly hills sanatorium it is an abandon tb hospital
    located in louisville kentucky there is alot of history and haunted
    happenings that go on there

  6. when you buy a house in Singapore, it includes a philippine slave. but you
    must pass a test – one of its questions: “If she doesnt’ obay, do you think
    it’s okay to urinate in her mouth as a punishment?” My sisters kids have
    cousins there so I know… it must be full of ghosts there. and if you
    believe that Nelson Mandela turned South Africa into a democracy, you
    haven’t got a clue (see the footage from a anc meeting, where they kick a
    woman with democrathic views to death, if you wanna see what the truth
    looks like). So the haunted places in those countries aren’t just memories
    from the past.

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