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5 Haunted Places in California
Alcatraz Prison – Located in San Francisco Bay, California, Alcatraz was one of the most notorious prisons in the United States and also one of the most haunted as mysterious sounds and voices have been heard all around the prison.

Hollywood Sign – Built in 1923, the Hollywood Sign is perhaps the most famous sign in the world. But what if I told you that the sign we know and love had a much morbid side to it? One of Hollywoods saddest stars, Peg Entwistle, who jumped off the sign, is known to haunt the sign.

Colorado Street Bridge – Located in Pasadena, California, the Colorado Street Bridge has been nicknamed, “Su–cide Bridge” due to the extraordinary amount of people jumping off of it. No one is sure why so many people have chosen this place to be there last destination, but rumour has it that a construction worker who accidentally fell off the bridge is known to call on those who are at the lowest points of their life to join him in the afterlife.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – The most famous haunted hotel is the Hollywood Roosevelt.This hotel is said to be haunted by famous actress Marilyn Monroe and many more. You better be careful before you book a hotel in Hollywood!

Disneyland – Disneyland, located in Anaheim California, deemed the happiest place on Earth, the park has been around since July 17, 1955. Over 600 million people have walked through the gates of the magical kingdom, but unfortunately, not all have made it back out.

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  1. COOL! I went on an Alcatraz tour once with my ex-gf, we were taking random
    pics and at one point tried taking pics of a cell. the camera wouldn’t
    work, but at last we were able to get a pic..later that night in the hotel
    room when were viewing the pics on her laptop we saw a green, transparent
    face in that same cell! it was awesome!

  2. +MaddMike awright mate. Feels like I’ve not seen one of your vids in ages.
    Brilliant as aways mate. Can I ask – if you know – when you mention
    Alcatraz you said Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. Is the latter Capone’s
    bodyguard, who apparently planned and carried out the St Valentine’s Day
    Massacre hit, and went by an Irish name – so as not to get pulled by the
    cops who were mostly irish – called Machine Gun Jack McGurn, real name
    Vincenzo Gibaldi? Can you confirm if this is the same person? He was from
    Brooklyn and was the gunman behind the Frankie Yale hit.

  3. ( )–( )
    ( • w •)
    ( v v) ~ I live in California

    ( )–( )
    ( • – • )
    ( v v) ~ and I think my toilet is haunted

    ( )–( )
    ( o – o)
    ( v v) ~ because poop just randomly disappears

    ( )–( )
    ( o ~ o)
    ( v v) ~ yeah, it’s quite a mystery

  4. Great job as always Mike! Yes do more of these! I am from Kentucky and
    would like for you to do one for my state. Thanks and have a great one

  5. it’s WOMEN, with an “e”

    pronounced *”Wih-min”*

    and you’re not supposed to pronounce the second “T” in Entwistle. Should

  6. Why does the hotel ghost HAVE to be Monty Clift??? There gave been
    THOUSANDS of people to stay in that room, just because he’s famous? It
    could just be a regular old ghost of an accountant or something

  7. this was a really informative video, man! lot’s of dates and facts and
    anecdotes. Mike, I wish the best for ya, I always enjoy watching your vids
    and hope you get more subscribers. I know you work hard and you deserve
    more recognition. :)

  8. I wish all people could see that these sightings or (ghosts) are not that
    of the deceased but of demons, the type of demons that immitate the
    recently deceased are called familiar spirits ..this would explain the bad
    vibes,violent incidents .