5 True HALLOWEEN Ghost Stories – Demons And Witches


On Halloween night, the ghost stories become true stories – Demons and Witches roam and the Haunted Houses come alive. Are you ready for some true scary stories?

Halloween is a time for horror movies, halloween decorations, halloween costumes, halloween candy and trick or treating! It should be a fun time to splurge and be someone else. But sometimes the pretend horrors become real, and those haunted houses come alive. The demon possessions spike, the real witches attack, and ghosts and spirits lurk in the dark corridors. Be careful what you encounter on this scary night of all nights and don’t forget to be safe. Happy Halloween!

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Top 5 Halloween Scary Stories and True Stories
– Haunted House as a Child by Jennifer D.
– The Demon Possessed Haunted House by Rain
– Glitch in the Matrix in the Haunted Maze by Dollightful
– Real Witch Broom by Nutashas23
– Haunted Store or Demon Attacks by WayWardWanderer
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  1. bloody white house
    in slave days .man drowns child in the pool in backyard .really Pool ..back
    then..never heard of a pool back then .ruined the story for me .but i like
    ur channel.

  2. Blessed Samhaine even one. May your ancestors never forget you nor you
    them. Remember it is the time the Vail is thin.

  3. Long time lurker here. I always enjoy your content, but I’d like it even
    more if you didn’t allow stories from people who recall hauntings from when
    they were 4 years old. Just doesn’t seem credible. Good job though man