#537: Lambie’s Halloween Decorations 2016


We have been SO busy this month and we are sorry we’re just getting this video out. But we wanted to show you our Halloween decorations!



  1. Terrific video!!!!! It’s so good to see you Lambie (you look cute as a
    pumpkin!) and your decoration look great! Missed you!

  2. this is so awesome I love your channel I have bin waching it for many years
    I would love it if you could subscribe to me because today I’m going to
    build a bear I am going to get all the Halloween Limited addition bears I
    am so excited if you could subscribe to my channel and wach pink bear that
    would make me soo happy if you reply to this you will make me happy . I am
    not doing this for subscribers I am doing this because I’m a true lambie
    fan . but anyway like I always say buy guys