8 Most Frighteningly Haunted Places In Japan


From the spirit of a world war 2 soldier visiting a military base to the tormented screams of murdered young girl, join us as we take a look at Japan’s most haunted places. Subscribe:

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  1. Light orbs are the most common means of ghost manifestation, however
    actually seeing it with your own eyes is very rare, it usually shows up on
    recordings with certain types of camera’s like infrared and full spectrum

  2. nope. you don’t mess with spirits only the Holy Spirit. you plead the blood
    of jesus when you come in contact with one….

  3. if I have the ability to talk to the death I wouldn’t mine helping the lost
    souls out especially the souls like them girl who died in the temple crying
    out to find her and the one in the well. and who knows helping these souls
    out you might get a side kick.

  4. ikebukuro is a real city!? I thought it was just a DRRR city! so…can I go
    there and meet a guy in a bartender outfit fighting a broker with street

  5. Apparently my mum and stepdad can afford to go go on a cruise from Barbados
    to India but not a trip to Japan. -_-

  6. I’ve been to Himeji. Didn’t know the well story though. I figured it was
    covered for liability reasons. Been to Toyama as well, but didn’t know the
    stuff mentioned here.