American Horror Story Haunted House At Halloween Horror Nights 2016, Universal Orlando


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Walk through the American Horror Story haunted house during Halloween Horror Nights 2016 at Universal Orlando featuring scenes from the Murder House, Freak Show, and Hotel seasons.

(As requested by Universal Orlando, this video has been edited to remove some scares and scenes as to not spoil the entire experience!)



  1. Will be out in Florida in 2 weeks, I shouldn’t even be watching this lmao,
    but I’m just so excited, can’t wait to go Halloween Horror Nights

  2. I actually really like this. I love AHS and I’m not always a fan of
    jumpscares. But I found these just right and I felt excited to be immersed
    into the themes that I loved

  3. I think they need to get some new actors… Didn’t really believe they were
    going to hurt me… And I was terrified of Twisty in the show but not so
    much in this maze. I just hope the actual experience is better