Just in time for Halloween, Ellen premiered a trailer for a brand new film featuring her executive producer Andy. Prepare yourself for “Andybelle”!



  1. I love Halloween just so I can watch these haunted house videos, SO FUNNY!
    I miss Amy though! She made me laugh harder than when Andy gets scared.
    Even though I love Ellen, I wonder if Andy gets hurt or embarrassed and she
    takes these jokes too far, he looks really upset! :”(

    No one should ever take it too far when the joke stops being a joke, you

  2. I know is cruel because he gets really scared, but I love and look forward
    to this every October!! I think it may be ok to laugh because I look
    exactly like that when I get scared and I get scared just as easily! LOL My
    family literally tells me to my face, “I’m going to scare you in a few
    seconds”, then after a few seconds they yell boo (or anything else) and I
    get scared every time. How that happens I have no idea! I’m a scaredy cat!

  3. Andy is a cunt. first of all, you all think he’s nice. he’s acting like
    that because there’s camera. secondly, he was a dick and a bully in
    highschool so let’s deal with facts here. don’t think im insulting him,
    just stating facts.

  4. Andy is like a male chauvinist… He asks his female assistant to stand in
    front saying that he is the executive producer … Thats so unfair.

  5. I think Jacqueline deserves a comment too! Without her, Andy wouldn’t
    shine. Just saying. Kudos to the both of them!