Birthdays, Banned Halloween Props, Pit Bulls, Triggers, & Sensitivity : Pum’Kin Guy


Pum’Kin Guy’s Birthday, Banned Halloween Props, Pit Bulls, Triggers, & Over-Sensitivity are all covered in this weeks Pum’Kin Guy highlights!
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  1. I sware jim i will be watching your content till the day i die, even after
    all these years when ifirst saw foamy appear on newgrounds its still funny
    and actually makes me think so heres to another year of rants

  2. Regarding the food sensitivity issue though.
    Leaky Gut Syndrome aka Intestinal Permeability.
    It’s a hypothesis that antibiotics, stress, environmental and diet can have
    such an impact on your intestines/digestive tract that it actually erodes
    your organs from the inside out on a cellular level. So once that happens,
    it causes all kinds of autoimmune diseases, inflammation, allergies,
    depression, and a whole assload of things that have been emerging lately.
    This is, of course, a truth that I’m finding out for myself, as I have been
    sick with things all my life that might just all be caused by this one
    Now the whole certain-colours-offend-me thing I can’t attest to cause I
    don’t care either way. I’m Canadian too and even I can’t explain this
    bullshit either so *shrug* I’ll treat you to a beer though.

  3. I have a pitbull and she’s a puss. People have ruined the breed. I’ve
    always said I would rather see a dead human on the side of the road then a
    dead pitbull.

  4. To be fair, Home Depot is a shitty company anyway. They support Autism
    Speaks as a shitty tax cut so they don’t have to fork over their fair
    share, when literally twenty seconds of research (or you know, asking any
    autistic person ever) will tell you that AS is NOT a charity, does not help
    autistic people, and if anything is a detriment to us just trying to live
    our lives with their annoying habit of spreading lies, hate speech, and
    eradication-based propaganda against autistics.

  5. You must realize that governments need stupid people since they are far
    more easily controlled and manipulated than rationally thinking people.

  6. god I really hate that what he said is basically true, if you bitch the
    loudest about the most dumbest thing ever it’ll work out for you,

  7. When I saw that prop in the store, I thought it was kind of creepy and
    wanted to pick one up. When I saw the article where someone complained
    about it, I was sold. Ran out and got the last one on the shelf.

  8. Thanks for all the awesome vids! I’m loving the Pum’Kin Guy and have loved
    the content since the beginning of neurotically yours

  9. I have always wondered does the girl behind him talk? I dont have the
    energy to go through all the vids and stuff

  10. I think the absolute worst food allergy rules are schools that prohibit
    children from bringing PB&J sandwiches to school because they might expose
    another child who is allergic to peanuts. If a child has an allergy to
    peanuts, that child needs to learn to stay away from it on their own. If
    they don’t learn as kids they won’t be prepared for the real world.

  11. Video games are pretty bad with mental health stuff too. The “”Oh no I
    THAT TAKE CARE OF US.” bullshit. I have borderline personality disorder and
    issues with gender dysphoria. THE WORST thing people could do is pretty
    much walk on egg shells around me about it. That just makes me feel like a
    monster that people are afraid of. I just wanna relax and feel like things
    are normal for two seconds. Not “Oh no Mom is afraid of me this is all my

  12. A-freaking-men, pitbulls are not the problem, the morons who abuse them to
    make them into “vicious dogs” are…

  13. Teal Pumpkins = toothbrushes!!!!!

    My siblings have peanut allergies and every Halloween we woud go through
    our candies and they would give the Snickers and Reeses to me or my
    parents. It’s not that difficult to pass the peanut candies to someone

  14. The asylum adjustment does sound amazing. There could be people chained up,
    reading bumps, witch trials, shock therapy, lobotomy staging, ‘hysterical’
    women, even ancient healing techniques of disgusting fake herbal
    supplements and arsenic treatment could work. It makes sense you want that
    as an attraction since science is a safe space for logic.