Build A Haunted House Maze #2 | DIY Halloween Vlog 2016 #57: Wall Hacks


This is a good one, so don’t miss it! In this episode, my family and I continue work on our first ever haunted house maze. We’ll get the entire maze constructed and complete the painting. Clear instructions are given in this video on how to achieve the look we decided upon. You’ll get a tour of the maze from start to finish, and I’ll discuss the various prop areas.

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DIY Halloween Vlog 2016:

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  1. The boards your sister did look awesome.. lol picture frame dude look like
    he was gonna bite your finger.. maze looking good man.. real good.. had a
    big wind storm.. rather tornado warning sirens went off.. and blew 2 of my
    wall panels off, thus also jacking my drop panel zombie head, i had to
    reapir that stuff.. and then i went to test it to make sure all electronics
    worked, it fired off once good next time poof not sure if it was water in
    the speakers that jacked the sound uart chip and then jacked the arduino..
    but something did, i hooked up another spare arduino board not thinking it
    was anything else.. well poof that one gone too.. so i brought the thing in
    swaped out the sound chip, arduino and everything seems to work good
    inside, with same power supply, but did not hook up those speakers.. will
    use others.. hopefully it just had something go wacko with the power
    flicker and the water in speakers and things will be fine tomorrow when i
    hook it back up.. i accidently left everything plugged in that day so the
    power flicker may have done something too.. but i just ordered 4 more
    arduino boards and 2 more sound boards from us supplier so will have extras
    just in case..

  2. really informative and a great job all the way around!! teasing your sister
    and her doing all that work…I would of painted my brother!!! being mean
    to your sweet little momma!! I loved it all