Build A Haunted House Maze #3 | DIY Halloween Vlog 2016 #58: Wall Hacks


In this episode, work continues on the haunted house maze in our garage. I’ll cover spider webs, wall distressing, human pelts, and various other updates we’ve made. You’ll also get a short look at the outdoor kiddie maze we started constructing with burlap and grassy weeds.

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DIY Halloween Vlog 2016:

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Stiltbeast Studios Human Pelts:



  1. Amazing work……really loving the spider web with the hot glue and the
    air compressor and the skin pelts are a bit gross and cool at the same
    time. Great videos, love the bluppers at the end. waiting to see more!

  2. Hey Montclair’s Lair are you going to make a video on the hack on the
    electrical box. I would love to do the same with using uno.