Building A Witch’s Cottage – Halloween Facade


Its a Halloween party going on at our house and we are starting to build a witch’s shack or witch house facade for the October yard display home haunt. Its past the time for Halloween decorations and Halloween decorating but we are just getting started designing and fabricating the witch hut Halloween facade. The Halloween facade will measure 12′ x 16′ and be 16′ tall. We also plan on building a roof to go over one side.

Hard Coating Foam Props

Carving Foam Pumpkin Stems

Carving Giant Foam Pumpkins

Music By Kool Kats

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  1. What? I’m building a witch house facade this year as well! No doubt it
    won’t be as cool as a Hollywood Haunter build, but still exciting. The
    roof-line on my facade is curved slightly less than yours, but still
    curved. I’m curious what your planning on using for roofing. I’ve bought a
    bunch of the corrugated roofing sheets for mine, but I’m worried it won’t
    bend to fit the curve. Super excited to watch your progress.