Candy Halloween – Kids Play & Dress Fabulous Costumes And Decorations – Libii Gameplay Video


Candy Halloween – Kids Play & Dress Fabulous Costumes and Decorations – Libii Gameplay Video .
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Hooray! Here comes the most bewitching time of the year. This time, Candy invites you to spend the special night with her at her not-so-scary Halloween Party. There, you can be part of an enchanted party filled with fun and true magic: give yourself a cool face painting, make jack o’ lanterns, cast a magic circle and don’t miss your chance to collect delightful treats. The witching hour’s almost here, let’s capture the spirit of the season with fun entertainment.
Features: – The world comes alive with the Halloween spirit From background to the ambience, decoration to costume, the holiday spirit is just everywhere. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere. – Cool mini games will really take your breath away. Various mini games fun in different ways will take you to the most epic Halloween ever. – Call out cute pets to take the fun up a notch Cast a magic circle to call out a pet. Great sorceress, let’s do it – Fabulous costumes and decorations are offered Prepare to have your mind blown off with the fantastic costumes and decorations. Lighting and the shadows can even be changed for a more realistic feeling.
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