Carving Giant Foam Pumpkins


Its a Halloween party going on at our house and we are sculpting gaint foam pumpkins props for the October yard display home haunt. Its past the time for Halloween decorations and Halloween decorating but we are just getting started in this art of pumpkin carving mania and these are not you average Funkin pumpkins. We had a ton of styrofoam to sculpt and carve these Halloween props with. In this video we carve large blocks of styrofoam into huge Halloween pumpkins. After we carve these big orange world record size pumpkins we will hard coat and paint them several different shades like you see in real pumpkin patches. We also need to finish sculpting the enormous stems for each squash. If we have time we will try to build a witches shack or a witch house facade that look like a cute little fairy tale cottage. We hope you enjoy as we take the ultimate pumpkin carving challenge!

Gluing Styrofoam Together With Spray Foam Adhesive

Multiple Homemade Hot Wire Foam Cutters & Sculpting Tools

Not The Only Haunted House In The Neighborhood

New Little Haunter Announcement

Music By Stringed Disco, Dark Hallway

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  1. Mabye go for a crisp apple scent for the haunt, it’s a great fall scent
    that is noticeable, smells great, but is used less often than pumpkin
    spice. I feel like Freddy Krueger would be the best because he’s very
    skilled with his claws and has a very dark imagination

  2. I think Michal Myers would win the pumpkin carving contest because instead
    of sharp claws or chainsaws he has a knife that’s great for carving and at
    the beginning of The first Michael Myers movie there was a well carved
    pumpkin on the porch which I bet him and his dad made