Chit Chat & Halloween Decorations


via YouTube Capture



  1. You know I look forward to your videos every day! Your energy is
    contagious. Watching you just makes my day. 🙂 Thanks for being you!!

  2. I missed you & poo doo yesterday. I used to go all out decorating for the
    holidays & I mean way out. So when it came the time put everything away I
    dreaded it. There was so much stuff that when I was decorating I never
    realize how much stuff I put out until I had to put it all away. So now I
    don’t even have one thing of Halloween out yet. Tomorrow I’m gonna try to
    get on the ball cause there isn’t a whole lot of time left.But I think my
    Hubbo is happy that I haven’t done anything. I thought I saw him doing the
    HAPPY Dance. xoxo : )

  3. Love all of your decorations-thanks for sharing them with us! I’ll be
    looking forward to your Christmas music!

  4. Hi Laurie. Love all your decorations and of course poo-doo sweetie. Take
    care of you with the blood pressure situation, glad you are on top of that.
    I think playing your harp and relaxing will really help. Looking forward to
    hearing your new song.

  5. we are finally finished decorating too yea. Love all your decor & hope you
    get used to your meds & get to feeling better. camping sounds so much fun,
    my Dad was the only one that liked to camp & me & Vannah would go w him &
    my Mom I miss that so much too. we went 1 time around Halloween too & I
    decorated around their camper.