Cute & Fun Halloween Room Decor 2016! | Michaels Haul


Cute & Fun Halloween Room Decor 2016!
Fall and Halloween Decorations

Hi everybody! Today I show you some fun fall and Halloween room decorations that I bought for Halloween this year! Halloween decor is so fun and spooky! I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

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Halloween room decorations are so fun and they really get me in the spirit of Halloween! For this Halloween and fall decor haul, I purchased a lot of Halloween and fall decorations from Michaels. Michael’s is a great store for decorations, crafts, and other artsy things. Decorating is a hobby of mine- I love to spend time making my home look cute and festive!

I love the pumpkin luminaries I purchased. I have tried them out already and they do exactly what I hoped they would! The jack o’ lanterns look amazing with a tea light lit inside and with all the lights off! The angry jack o’ lantern looks more scary and spooky, and the orange pumpkin one looks adorable!

The Halloween decorations I purchased are mostly cute and silly. Do you prefer spooky and scary Halloween decor or cute Halloween decorations?

I enjoyed this Halloween haul and I plan to do more in the future! Halloween decor takes me back to my childhood when my mom and I would decorate the house with tons of classic Halloween decorations, like bats, pumpkins, orange lights, ghosts, and more. What are you guys going to be for Halloween 2016? I kind of want to be Red Riding Hood for Halloween this year! Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. I have bought a few of the spooky town items and I really dig Michael’s
    selection of Halloween stuff. They had the Christmas town out and it was
    amazing! Really cool video and you seem cool, just subscribed! Thanks for

  2. i love halloween !!!pumpkins,cute little bats and friendly casper ghost !
    love the haul ! <3 i did a huge halloween haul too !