Decorating For Halloween


My decorations are made from actual dead cow!

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  1. You could make your own fake bones and put it all together I guess ­čśÇ With
    further research make it a cyborg cow :OO´╗┐

  2. If you had more time you could have made a plaster copy of the of the one
    shoulder blade you had and just flip it, maybe drill into them and make in
    stand up with metal splints´╗┐

  3. you should have put the baby bones under the mother skeleton, or better
    under the skull so it looks like the cow eat its baby…

    don’t lock me up please´╗┐

  4. hopefully you bury the cow’s remains after Halloween and ask for
    forgiveness to the cow. respectfully your sub´╗┐

  5. I think it looks better with some bones missing especially near the end of
    the body it looks like something completely smashed the cow.´╗┐