DIY Halloween Decor Miniature Dollhouse Kit Cute Roombox With Working Lights! / Relaxing Crafts


This miniature dollhouse kit features a lot of different Halloween decorations on a porch. It was a fun kit to make because it was so different from the other roombox kits I have made before. I got the kit on Amazon here:

More Dollhouses:

♥ Tools Used ♥
Paper Bending Tool:
Double Sided Tape 1/8”:
Double Sided Tape 1/4”:
Tombow Mono Multi Glue:
Scotch Quick Dry Glue:
Fineliner Bottles:
Reverse Tweezers:
Fray Check:
Pin Vise:

Ghost Processional (Alternate) by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Music “Silly Fun” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. i love it!!!! it’s so cute!!! imma get one as well…..ahhhhh…. looking
    at all those candy and thinking about the diet im on for
    summer……(australia here)…..AAHHHH SUCH A TORTURE AHHHHH I WANT CANDY

  2. This one is my favorite! You do such a great job putting all of these kits
    together, especially when pieces are missing… how frustrating.

  3. 英語全く分からないけれど、ミニチュア好きなわたしは、あなたの作るドールハウスがとても丁寧で大好きです♪

  4. you are amazing ….. I wish I had the patience you do for these . I think
    the most difficult part for me if I were to ever do one of these doll
    houses would be the lights.

  5. I don’t mind if you can’t but if u can, can you do one of these kits with
    the glue provided? I’m very skeptical with the strength of the glue….

  6. OMG I’m not one to play with dolls but OMG again I want it soo badly it’s
    just soooooo cute! I’m going to ask my mum for it for Christmas but I’ll
    have to look at the price and I’ll look on eBay and amazon!