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Cameras: Nikon D7000 / Canon Ixus 132
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Microphones: Behringer C-1 / Rode VideoMic / In-camera mic
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For urgent hamster care, health questions, or advice on hamster pregnancy please consult your vet or I’m not active online all the time and cannot always reply to comments so please don’t rely entirely on me for help in these areas.

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  1. Hi! I have a Syrian hamster and he is quite old now (around 2 but not quite
    sure) I think he may die soon but trying to be positive! I want to get
    another hamster afterwards what type do you recommend? (i also have 3
    guinea pigs and have had 7 in total so have a lot of experience with
    animals). I want a different type of hamster and was hoping you could
    recommend one! BTW i love your hair, it changes every vid!

  2. You have such patience with your projects! You must really love your pets.
    I would like to try this somewhat larger for my ratties.

  3. Hi Erin! Have you ever thought of doing a video on safe and non-safe craft
    materials for small animals? I know popsicles and cardboard are usually
    always safe but it would be nice to have a list of safe and non safe brands
    when it comes to paints, glues, etc as well as what types of yarns or ropes
    are ok.

  4. can anyone tell me why my hamster scratches the side of the cage and on
    random things she already has a whole side of her cage dedicated to digging
    so its not that

  5. i love it so much! however, ik theres no point me putting hard work into
    making this when ny hamster willjjust try eat it :(

  6. I’ve already asked if you could do something I thought was cute in the last
    video, so I wont say it again in this video. Also, I thought you wouldn’t
    do this, as you’ve already done a “spooky castle”.

    Edit: Now that I read it over my comment sounds like I’m mad, but I’m not
    because I knew there was a very small chance I would get picked. Thanks to
    all who liked my previous comment on the last video. And I thought they
    were going to be similar, too but the castle is well…a castle and this is
    much different.