Dollar Tree Haul For My Halloween Decorations And Chit Chat


I went to dollar tree to pick up a few things for my Halloween Decorations. Here’s what I got. I was Skyping with my sister Karen as I recorded the video. What a fun afternoon.



  1. Good Haul, excited to see what it looks like. I really need to get to the
    dollar tree soon to get decorations. Enter Me please

  2. I LOVE your laugh! I can’t wait to see it all put together. I miss those
    days. I loved putting together the fall festivals for our church. Good luck
    on your 100 mile walk.

  3. Oh how fun to Skype with your sister and doing crafts! so cool! Oh you got
    such cute things – we arent any where near a Dollar Tree – sigh – but I
    will live vicariously through you – lol great video – say hi to your sis
    from me – lol

  4. Halloween is big with you guys over there, we dont do anything here in
    Australia but it looks like fun. we have some morons dressing up as clowns
    scaring little kids and attacking people here at the moment so i dont think
    people are going to do anything.
    have a great day

  5. hi,
    I like that 100 mile challenge. I might have ro try it myself! thank you
    for subbing to my channel, I have subbed back. off to watch your other
    videos, also I think I missed what the Cat and Hat decor is for. tfs