#Drawlloween Speedpaint: #5 Haunted House



Now this one was interesting to draw, cause at first I didn’t really know what to draw for this. But then I remembered this old movie I watched when I was little, it was called “monster house”
it’s pretty much where a dead body legit is haunted a house and making it come alive.
This movie definitely scared me as a kid if you haven’t seen it look it up, I don’t know if it holds up tho.
Anyway I drew the house in the picture like the “monster house” and I drew Vanoss and Delirious going trick or treating (they are kids in this picture) and now they are wondering if they should
go up to this house, is it just good decorations or an actual haunted house?
I hope you all are having a nice day, love you guys ^^

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  1. I still love that movie I fangirled when I found out that your drew the
    house in the background I need to watch that movie

  2. Oh man I remember monster house that movie freaked me out! Still kinda does
    tbh but its more sad now
    Anyway I really like the drawing you did I thought it looked like the
    “monster house” before I even read the description!

  3. I love your concept for this!! It’s so amazing, I also love the (possible)
    Hoodini and (just as possible) Teddylirious.

  4. Yes!! I love that movie no matter how cheesy or how old you get there are
    Halloween movies you always watch and this is one of them! Great work on
    this love it!!

  5. I saw you start to color the house and I instantly thought “Monster House”.
    That movie scared me so bad as a kid! Now this is making me want to watch
    it again.

  6. I bet they’d bet on if the house was fake or not like, “ten bucks says it’s
    decoration.” “Nah man, to glow-y to be fake.” Then silence. “Lets go in”

  7. holy crap. I haven’t seen that movie in ages
    Great picture btw, and thanks for reminding me of that movie, definitely
    brought back some memories :DDD