EXO – Haunted House: REACTION


This is probably one of the most requested videos I’ve gotten since I started making videos lol. Seeing the guys who I’ve seen be nothing but smooth and cool really was an experience. Chen & Xiumin are the only ones who I can say are REALLY MANLY MEN. lol

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  1. This one is from Ep. 10, but there’s more stuff in this episode besides the
    Haunted House. I think you’re gonna love Tao though he’s too adorable.

  2. OMG this reaction!! Love it so much XDDD And yes Baekhyun is quite loud;
    his dialect exploded too when he was in the haunted house; and poor Tao…I
    felt bad for him but I was laughing too…and Kai & Chanyeol’s didn’t air
    cause they cursed too much lol

  3. This is actually from EXO Showtime Ep 10, they did bowling too! Also
    Chanyeol & Kai’s got cut out because they swore too much!

  4. baekie’s reaction is so funny =))
    I can’t wait to see your reactions for the rest of the eps. Thank you so
    much <3

  5. Hahaha, Baekhyun is actually the biggest goofball–and basically the
    representative beagle of the beagle line–in EXO. He’s very talkative, but
    the stuff that comes out of his mouth is funny and silly most of the time;
    he also has a lot of antics and such. Even so, he’s completely different
    but professional whenever he’s performing 🙂

    Anyway, looking forward to your EXO Showtime reaction vids! Hope you’re
    having a great week~

  6. Baekhyun is a dork tbh he is so funny, he is loud ,he is so precious . A
    puppy that brings so much happiness to EXO but he is so different on stage
    and photoshoots. He has an incredibly seductive, flirty side if you watch
    the performances lol it’s just so hard when he’s your UB believe me….

  7. lol this is the real EXO dude! 🙂 they are so cute and I am sure you will
    realise more about them through more showtime!! they are adorable af! also
    don’t think D.O is evil ehhee..he is actually a cutiepie who cares for all
    members :)

  8. you should have watch the unseen cut of it too (Lay’s part) his scream was
    soo cute xD too bad that Kai+Chanyeol’s part didn’t show up, even in the
    unseen cut :(

  9. Yeah your right, Chen is sometimes pure and nice, but… don’t get fooled.
    He’s often bullying other members haha 😀
    Also Chanyeol is pure evil, and that’s why I love him ^^

  10. The reason why Chen is my Bias with chanyeol in Exo (still can’t choose
    between the 2) he’s so sweet ♥
    and no man no D.O is evil don’t trust his looks his satan in cute disguise
    xD that’s why we love him

  11. lol actually the haunted house episode shows their actual personality
    that’s very opposite of their stage image like kris the clumsy leader, the
    evil d.o, softie luhan, calm and bright chen, the loud and cheerful
    baekhyun, soft hearted and scaredy cat tao, etc. especially baekhyun and
    tao is super different lol. they act cool and all but honestly all of them
    are just potatoes <3

  12. Things like this is why I don’t take these idols too seriously when they’re
    all sexy and “slay my ass” in their music videos because at the end they’re
    all like adorable, squishy puppies.

  13. Oh my gosh I am sooooo happy you watched this!!! I am SO happy you got to
    see more of Baekhyun tbh. Actually Lotto is only expectation. Baekhyun in
    real life is the exact opposite. He actually has natural aegyo (cuteness)
    and uses that a lot. He is either always mimicking someone, making bad
    jokes, or always lightening the mood.

    Baekhyun is known as the loud, talkative, mood maker of the group. Also
    about him walking on his tippy toes here like you said, this is actually a
    real habit he possesses. He dances and without shoes (like in Roommate w/
    Chanyeol the episode he visited him) you can see how he always walks on his
    tippy toes.

    He loves to play and make people laugh and I can’t state enough how much
    natural cuteness he has. He’s playing one of the young princes in a
    historical drama right now and if you watch the behind the scenes with him
    and the cast you will see how much they just thoroughly love taking care of
    and working with Baekhyun. Everyone always watch to pat or pinch his

    Baekhyun is full of charisma, and he worked hard to get his abs but he also
    really loves good food and rather than be sexy and charming, he’s always
    silly and cute. He calls himself the fans appa. Aeri’s are his babies. (we
    are aeri’s!)

    As you can see here I really was excited to see your reaction to Baekhyun.
    But I also love when you saw Chen. He is too pure for this world. And then
    ofc saying how whiny he is haha. I know you know the boys when you already
    figured out those things. I can’t wait to see more! Keep it up, you have my
    love and support! ^^

  14. They didn’t show Lay’s here because it was cut out…but you could go
    search it on YouTube though! It’s adorable and hilarious definitely
    recommend watching it ♥

  15. I think with the whole Baekhyun thing, it’s just a matter of separating his
    Performer image from his real image. Who he is on stage (or works hard to
    be at least) is just what it is: an image, usually made up by the company
    for whatever concept they are promoting at the time for him to portray. He
    worked hard these past few comebacks to be really sexy (outward appearance
    wise, not just body rolls and what have you), but he’s just a cute
    puppy-like person who is playful and silly – and is scared of haunted
    houses, but tries to hide it. I agree with what you said about loving them
    more because of stuff like this tho, as a scared-cat myself, it’s nice to
    see them scared too. Just sucks this made them look “less manly” in some
    people’s eyes lol…