Fagan’s Farm Haunted Hayride Commerical 2016


First in Fright Production is in the business of helping people scare people. If you have questions or need assistance our services include blueprint layouts, concept/story designs, commercial/residential haunted attractions, and fabrication of custom effects/props.

We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve impressive and innovative results utilizing an assortment of scavenged junk, or unconventional materials to complete the required design. It is within the mindset of being practical, affordable and fun that we operate.

Our ultimate goals are to Educate, Inspire and Entertain all at the same time.
First in Fright Productions is the creative outlet for haunter, designer and inventor Chris Wright to showcase his twenty years of experience creating haunted attractions and effects.

Taking inspiration from his family lineage; that of the famous Wright Brothers, Chris brings the same outside the box approach to each challenge he faces. With the help at times from his father Joe and long time friend Garrett there is little to nothing that First in Fright Productions can’t handle.