Fall Decor Haul 2016 | Thatgirlshaexo


Hey fam! Welcome back to my channel – Today I am hauling some new Fall and Halloween Decor for my home and I thought you’d like to see it!

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  1. I’m actually one of those ppl that hate tea. I tried different kind, and
    still seem not to like it. I guess I’m more of a coffee kinda girl.

  2. That wood & gold candle lantern is gorg! If you are nervous about catching
    the glass on fire or scortching the glass then use LED tall candles!! That
    would be the safer option!

  3. I was laughing so hard when I saw your uploaded this because I thought you
    on Snapchat and you posted all of this on Snapchat and you post the studded
    pumpkins on Snapchat so what did I do I went to target pulled up your video
    went and found at the pumpkins bought two of the white study pumpkins two
    of the black studded pumpkins then went on a search for the circle twinkle
    lights that you said to put in that glass would container that you got at
    Marshall’s but my target was all out of the circle twinkle lights so what
    did I do? Oh that’s a good question I went to two other targets to go find
    those circle twinkle lights in the dollar section

  4. Have you tried a full spectrum sun lamp for seasonal depression? I think
    that’s what it’s called. I’m gonna try one this year because I sooooo get
    the whole THIS IS THE BEST SEASON OF THE YEAR followed by I’m saaad <3

  5. i work at marshalls and someone bought that first thing you showed and she
    said she was gonna put a tall candle in one and put fairy lights in the
    other one, like you showed on ur snap the other day. you could even put
    some fake flowers in it and stuff! some christmas lights, sunflowers, you
    know! it’ll work all year!

  6. You crack me up! ok battery operated candles for the glass stuff and also
    early morning cardio helps with seasonal depression so much! I love running
    out in the cold crisp air. It makes me feel wonderful all day!

  7. Hi Shae! Could you do a tutorial on a taupe-lilac-y look? I struggle to
    create one bute these colors go so well together! Love your videos! x

  8. love the stuff you got! The sweater is sooo cute!! The white candle would
    look good in the wooden lantern. the black sugar skull is to die for!!!!
    You could also get a string of lights and put it in there and just have the
    cord come out the top in the back. That would make it light up soo much.
    You cab put any kind of candle in there. glass 99% of the time wont burn.
    of course keep an eye on all candles when burning. Can’t wait to see other
    stuff you get! try Michael’s

  9. i love your new hair cut!!!! looks great on you! Your eyes match the 2 new
    candles you bought! Your whole makeup look is great! Your soo pretty

  10. yes Shae I was gonna say tall candles all the way for that wooden thing and
    if you could find a metallic one that.would look sick

  11. Are you aware that they make LED candles specifically for decor such as
    yours? You need a much taller one for that skull glass vase.

  12. They make plastic totes that roll under the bed it has a lid and all. They
    are perfect for storing holiday stuff and doesn’t take up room in a closet.

  13. I die for those Sugar Skull candle holders! They are so beautiful! I don’t
    have a Marshall’s near me but I am going to try to find them on Amazon. I
    love decorating for fall! Love yoooou! Xoxo