Fall/Halloween Home Decor Tour 2016


This has been an absolutely fabulous year on YouTube! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, liked, commented, or even just watched my videos. Please enjoy this year’s décor tour!

Watch my first video:

Watch my French Provincial Credenza restoration:



  1. I bet if you spray painted the pumpkin with the thumbs task with gold spray
    paint and then do the thumb task it wouldn’t show the orange. Just a
    thought. Your decor is gorgeous! :)

  2. Love the white pumpkins on that credenza!! Delicious. I like the plate
    holding the remotes, too! And Resting Witch Face Bwahahahaha!!! I am
    definitely subscribing!

  3. Mrs Kim
    you always go above and beyond. I’m seriously doing the minimum. I’ve never
    even seen chair covers like that before. btw, I’m sorry. this upload
    obviously missed my radar but better late than never. great decor!

  4. Hello ! I´m Golden Goodie, and liked your channel and subscribed! Please
    check out my channel and subscribe mine too 🙂 !Thank you so much!!