Favorite Halloween Decorations Tag


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  1. AWESOME choices I love all your decor, I love the white pumpkin w the crow.
    Love it all girl I knew you had some great stuff. DG does have the cupcakes
    again this year. I wish DT would have some day of the dead decor too. Love

  2. Love your stuff! Those cupcakes look so real that I’m getting craving now!
    Okay, as much as I love candelabras as well, really love them, I have to
    say that my most favorite is the tray that says Happy Halloween with the
    raven on it, really nice! If you ever go to Michael’s you can just show
    them the coupon on your smart phone, and they scan it there and you can use
    the coupons without printing, I do it all the time. Okay, thanks for the
    tag! I will try to do this, since I have everything boxed away! Thanks for
    sharing, you have some nice stuff!! Okay, I have that same white pumpkin
    with the skull and raven from Michael’s.