Food Prep & Halloween Decor – Vlog : 10th October, 2016


A morning walk, food prep, an update on Athena and sharing my Halloween decor.

SNAPCHAT : libbywithnall

** I am an Aussie Mum of two teenagers (3 if you count my husband) and 2 Golden Retrievers. I have been a vegetarian for 11 years and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2014. I film a variety of videos, including day in the life vlogs, packing & travel, organising & decluttering and haul videos.



  1. My best wishes to Athena. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 18, it was
    absolutely horrible. Then I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (apparently
    PCOS is a side effect of Graves’ disease but I was never tested until I was
    32). I hope you all get some answers as to how to best help her.

  2. you are the queen of storage, you are inspiring me to get more organized.
    glad the new meds seem to be helping love from the UK xxx

  3. The meds have certainly helped you, you are much more buoyant and happy so
    Athena might do well on them too. The link between mental health and
    physiological symptoms is well documented so definitely worth asking!

  4. I really hope Athena feels better! You look great Libby. Love seeing the
    color in your cheeks again. 🙂 The house looks great and is motivating me
    to get some more Halloween decor for the rental house we are in now.

  5. Have you or Athena tried wearing Hematite or magnetic bracelets ? I wear
    one on my ankle and on both wrists also a ring on one finger and my pain
    has SIGNIFICANTLY gotten better. They say they dont work for everyone but
    it might be worth a shot. It might be cheaper to gt them when you are
    visiting Disney. Just a thought I love your videos !!!

  6. Tfs as soon as you said Athena meds weren’t working I’m was telling you
    thru osmosis to see about cymbalta lol tell Christi I love her hair and
    when I had my wisdom teeth out I lived on mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese,
    scrambled eggs, and apple sauce oh and jello

  7. Hi Libby..Kevin and girls…wow luv your hair Christie the Colour is
    beautiful..sad to hear Athena is in so much pain hopefully you will get the
    answers soon and get on top of it…I forgot to mention a big happy
    Birthday to Christie and your party looked amazing…glad you managed to
    get to Canberra for a quick break…Tyler absolutely loves the war memorial
    its his favourite place to go..I was supposed to head up that way but ty is
    still unwell…take care and have a good week…

  8. Hi libby!! You have a harry potter room under your stairs! I hear you on
    meal prep taking up crazy space. They just dont make fridges big enough! So
    glad you are feeling better. Will athena also be tested for celiac? Can be
    a hidden devil, that one.

  9. I know this is a sensitive issue, but since obesity does affect mental and
    physical health and depression and fibro etc are often more prevalent in
    obese people, does your daughter have doctors that are helping with weight
    management and focusing on that aspect of the puzzle?