Gatlinburg TN! Mirror Maze, Candy Apples & Haunted House! Travel Vlog [ep16]

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  1. My husband and I go to Gatlinburg every year for our anniversary. We love
    it. It’s beautiful in the fall. We leave for Orlando tomorrow and are
    planning on going to Disney world. I’ve watched so many of your videos to
    prepare lol. Hope you enjoy Gatlinburg as much as we do :)

  2. Hey Guys just came across your videos! I love them! I was wondering if
    you’d both like to do a candy swap? I live in the UK and looking for
    another Vlogger! I’m only new to vlogging but It would be great if you both
    are up for it! 🙂 Many thanks, Sarah x

  3. We had breakfast at the Pancake Pantry 2 times the week were there. It was
    really good! There was always a lot people there even before they open
    everyday waiting to get in.

  4. The first time Amy mentioned the Mirror Maze, the first one, not by
    Ripley’s, the storefront was in the background about 5 seconds before she
    said it ( at 1:19 in the video)…. lol I was telling her she passed it but
    she was not responding..haha! Thank you for bringing us along. I’d love to
    go hiking !

  5. I loooove Gatlinburg! But surprisingly even though I’ve been on that
    chairlift, never noticed the mansion there! I feel like I’d be too scared
    to give it a try though D:

  6. We live only a little over an hour from Gatlinburg, and visit regularly. I
    love it, but I like Pigeon Forge a lot better because it’s not so tiny. In
    Summer, Gatlinburg is a nightmare to drive in. lol

  7. I think I saw another Mirror Maze on the left in this video not long after
    you got into Gatlinburg. It was just before you first mentioned it. I
    laughed when you said you wanted to find it and I had just seen you pass it
    and not see it. Easy to do there. I love Gatlinburg. I live 3 hours so we
    go there a lot. You should sample the moonshine they offer all up and down
    the strip. Keeps you warm in the winter. We always stay at The Zoder Inn
    just a little further down than you went. They have great rooms on a river.