Going To A Haunted House | Weekvlog 8 | Yuna’s EF Story


Hi ♡
My name is Yuna Borsboom and I am a sixteen years old Dutch girl.
I’m on my exchange year in Bristol, Virginia with EF.
And I’m going to share all of my adventures with you!

Every Thursday I will upload a weekvlog.
My video’s are called Yuna’s EF story.

Would you like to follow me on my adventure?

Love, Yuna

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Snapchat: yunaborsboom

Camera: Samsung NX300M



  1. Hoe vind je het om je Exchange year samen met Clara te doen, niet helemaal
    samen natuurlijk maar je snapt vast wat ik bedoel. En het viel me op dat je
    ogen bij dat stukje dat je vertelde over je nieuwe host family echt zo mooi
    blauw waren! Ik word echt zo blij van deze leuke vlogs steeds en idd meer
    praten is leuk!!!

  2. Oh you can really dance girl. And you sure do love to eat sweets, just
    remember to take care of your beautiful smile.
    — Ok I won’t ask why you changed host families. I just want you to have
    the very best experience of your young life, so if it is better to change
    host families then ok if it makes you happy. — Okay here is a question
    for you to answer Yuna. If you could meet ONE celebrity American person who
    would it be? Anyone at all!!! Thanks Yuna, hope you are well. See you