I think the scariest part of this video is my makeup…YIKES!! That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to what you are doing and tell ghost stories instead! This was just for a little fun so I hope you guys enjoy! Please feel free to share your spooky experiences in the comments below! 👻

On my face:

-Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation as moisturizer
-Some random eye cream from a subscription box that the label has
rubbed off of so I don’t know what it is
-Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin shade 180
-Damp Beauty Blender Pro
-Colourpop Contour/Bronzer – Break Up
-Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette Blush

On my eyes:

-Too Faced Chocolate Bar – White Chocolate
-Urban Decay / Gwen Stefani Palette – Zone (transition) Punk (crease)
-Essence Super Fine Eyeliner Pen Waterproof
-Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers Mascara

On my lips:

-Lonely Planet Liquid Lipstick – Debbie

All the ghost stories are 100% real! I promise I didn’t make anything up! If you don’t believe in such things that is perfectly fine! Maybe you can even offer some other explanations for some of the events! This was just for fun! I love telling and hearing ghost stories so I thought you guys might enjoy it too!

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  1. What happened to your dad sounds like a shadow person. If you don’t know
    what they are, they are people who are transparent yet very dark, they do
    not have a face which is terrifying. They’re known to come into people’s
    rooms and sit on the their chest and just stare at them, though they don’t
    have eyes. To get them to go away, simply sleeping on your stomach or with
    a small light on would help.

  2. when i was about 6 years old we lived in a house that was built around
    1920. at night we would hear like a party was going on in the living room
    and kitchen you could clearly hear shuffling of pots and pans and people
    talking. my room i shared with my sister was rite acros the living room so
    you could hear everything. Another thing that happend was on my bithday my
    mom invited acouple friends with kids. throughout the party everything was
    fine until everyone moved from the kitchen to the livingroom my mom staid
    in the kitchen to clean a bit and she says that across the table she saw a
    little girl with a pink dress. my mom thought she was a guest that had not
    reseved some cake so she asked her if she would like a slice, she said yes
    so my mom turned to give her some and she could not find her she asked
    people if they had seen a little girl with a pink dress but no ones kid was
    wearing a pink dress. many other things happend in that house but the
    coment is already toooo long lol happy Halloween!!

  3. Love ghost stories even though I’m a big wussy. I live in Louisiana and in
    one of the houses I grew up in a majority of my family experience
    something. Even my husband. When I was younger I shared a room witn my
    older sister. We had twin beds. My parents were still up I could hear them
    in the kitchen. I turned and saw a lady with long hair but couldn’t make
    out all the features out sitting on the edge of my sisters bed but also
    facing her. I remember also looking at my sister who was already sleeping.
    I grabbed my covers pulled them over my head and closed my eyes tightly.
    Years later our father shared a similar story to mine. He thought it was my
    mother on the edge of the bed but turned over to see her laying next to
    him. My brothers room was the worst. I’ll share that one later on if you
    would like. felt my comment getting to long. Thanks for sharing your

  4. Please share more ghost stories, I love them! My mom grew up in a haunted
    house and she actually saw the ghost of the man that past away at that
    house. Apparently the man that owned the house before her family did, fell
    down the stairs and broke his neck against the wall facing the stairs. One
    morning when she was waiting for her mom to get her other sisters ready for
    church, she was waiting by sitting on the bottom of those stairs with her
    elbows resting on the step behind her. She just happened to lean back and
    look up, as she felt something was looking at her, and she could see the
    figure of a man that she didn’t know. Also, the lights at the top of those
    stairs would always flicker on and off randomly, and there was always a
    dent on the wall that the man had fell against that would always reappear,
    no matter how many times they patched it.

  5. I believe you 110% I have had too many experiences to count starting when I
    was very little to not believe. I’ve been told that I am a sensitive and
    that spirits are attracted to sensitives it doesn’t matter where I live or
    where I go its like they follow me. My husband wasn’t a believer at all
    until he was with me for a while and started seeing all these things happen
    around me that he can’t explain so needless to say he believes now lol!
    I’ve never made a video before but i’m thinking maybe I should if anyone
    would be interested in hearing about my experiences. Its never really
    scared me because my grandmother was also a sensitive and my first
    experience was when I was really young at her house and I heard footsteps
    running up and down the stairs and asked her who it was because I didn’t
    know that anyone else was there and she just explained to me that it was a
    little girl that past away on that land in a fire long ago and that they
    see her there a lot but not to be scared because she wouldnt hurt anyone
    she just likes to play upstairs, I know that sounds kind of crazy to some
    people but it was just the start of many many things that have happened
    through the years but I guess I never feared spirits because my grandmother
    made it seem so “normal” but I’ve had way too many experiences if I tried
    to put them all on here I would be writing a book LOl. I have even gotten a
    picture of an older man when I was trying to just get a picture of my
    grandaughter looking at a fish tank I bout flipped when I saw the picture
    you can clearly see his features its kinda creepy to look at, he appeared
    through the fishtank…But I would love to see another video and hear more
    things that have happened to you 🙂 I love hearing about other peoples

  6. This video is so cool! I literally had chills the entire time. 😛 Also, I
    would love to see how you do your eyeliner and mascara sometime. I would
    love more stories!

    My boyfriend and I briefly stayed with his grandparents. We were standing
    by the front door when we heard singing which sounded exactly how his
    grandmother sings around the house, but we were not expecting anyone to be

    Creeped out, we called out for her, checked the bedroom and there was no
    one- all of the windows were closed. We even had other minor experiences.
    Needless to say, we are happy to be in our own apartment and have not had
    any experiences since. However, it made both of us open to the idea of the
    paranormal. :)