Halloween Decor Haul


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  1. so happy for you guys!! so excited to see how the house comes along you
    have some amazing ideas!! these videos make my day!

  2. Happy October, Christina! ~ Awesome Halloween Haul… I am so jealous that
    I’m living overseas and this country dosesn’t celebrate Halloween. Have fun
    decorating the new house!~

  3. I love that ice tray and the skull mirror. But the skull with the light
    from walgreens is the coolest by far. I would pay you to decorate my house.

  4. Amazing haul! I bought that skeleton spider too! Halloween’s my favourite
    time of year and I keep a lot of my decorations up all year round. =P

  5. I want that keep out hanging signage – would you tell me if there’s a mfr
    tag on it anywhere? You got lots of great stuff!!!

  6. Loved all of the things you bought!! I recently bought loads of halloween
    things for my youtube background!! so excited to film with them all :)

  7. Love the pumpkin you showed last from Halloween City. We don’t have any
    around me. I tried to see if they have a website where I could shop and buy
    one, I’m obsessed with it now, but no such luck!!!