Halloween Decorations Daytime Tour 2016- Ji Fe


Hi viewers new and old, I’m back with another video for Sunday Funday! Showing more details and decorations for Halloween 2016. I explain each setup and talk a little about each theme.

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  1. Oh I loved it ! A more in depth video…you have such wonderful things ! I
    particularly like the ghost holding the pumpkin, the wooden one. There’s
    something about it…it is just lovely ! :)

  2. Love your vids. Wouldn’t be Halloween without them!! How I wish I had
    gotten the vintage looking blocks. Did you see any this year? xoxo

  3. I love everything! I wish I would’ve bought the blocks when I saw them last
    year. I even passed on them at a flea mall but if I ever see them again I’m
    gonna get em. all of you decor is just AMAZING. have a great week

  4. Thanks for doing this during daylight. We can really see all your awesome
    decore. The one witch on the left of he lighted one I use to have and made
    then gave away. Wish I still had her.

  5. Thanks for showing us the daytime version and I’m really glad that I got to
    see some displays that didn’t make it in the night video. You’re an amazing
    artist! :)