Halloween DIY | Drop Panel Haunted Hallway


Check out the Haunted Hallway we created for our haunt. This was made of scrap wood from a couple irrigation pivot boxes. It was a very simple design but it made for a very effective scare.

The concept is simple, make it as creepy as possible with scary fluorescent pictures, fluorescent paint spattered all over, black lights and we even hung fishing string from the ceiling to make it feel like they were walking through cobwebs.

As they walked through the hallway, the suspense builds and one of the pictures loudly slam down and a scary monster jumps out at them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and can use it as inspiration for your own Halloween DIY or haunted house ideas.

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This video is for entertainment purposes. I am in no way responsible for any accidents, injuries, arrests or fines resulting from one of your projects. Please check your local laws before attempting a project like this.

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  1. very good, doing a black light asylum hallway this year with a banging
    door, and a automatic drop panel with air cannon and I got a camera to
    record the scares also.. :)