Halloween Food In Japan


We just landed in Japan, and have found it completely transformed into Halloween mode, and we’re SO PUMPED! We love Halloween! So we’re going out around town and trying some of the Halloween food specials we’re finding, including McDonald’s Pumpkin Chocolate Fries, Baskin Robbins Habanero Chocolate Ice Cream, and some weird Lotteria burger that looks like it’s barfing purple crap.

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  1. If I were in Japan and got to your house at Halloween I would be Luffy
    cosplaying Crocodile. This is what I’m gonna were at Halloween ^^

  2. If I went trick-or-treating and showed up at Simon and Martina’s house, you
    know that #PPAP guy is the way to go. My mediocre dance skills wouldn’t do
    the guy justice, but to make up for it, I’ll hand a pen pineapple apple pen
    over to you guys (y)

  3. I actually want to be Spudgy for Halloween! I’ve wanted to dye my hair blue
    for a while, so why not pair it with a fluffy white coat and debut it as a
    not-so-spooky costume?

  4. I cut my hair short and dyed it recently just for funsies then realized
    that I can dress up as Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim for Halloween! I’m
    working on it now tbh and getting all the stuff I need to make props. xD
    Also my bf is gana be Scott so we are working on it together.

  5. Hey guys! I absolutely love you guys, love your stuff ❤️ I’ve been watching
    you for eight years now I was wondering if there’s any permanent
    eatyourkimchi merch still for sale.