Halloween Home Decor Tour 2016


Halloween Home Decor Tour 2016 – inside the house
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I will re-decorate for Fall once Halloween is over, here is a link to my Fall home decor video for this year; Fall decor living room tour:

music in the first few minutes of video found by doing a cheerful music search for ad supported music on YouTube Title: Daily Beetle by: Kevin MacLeod



  1. It all looks really good.Y’all have been working hard.I really liked the
    witches cauldron , I think it was on your stove,.Is that cotton on top of
    lights or what did you use? It was really cute and I’d like to make
    one.Hope u have a good day! XOXO your friend Tammy from N.C.

  2. Everything looks so nice!Great job on the decorating.I have more
    decorations than you.I have been bringing up a box from the basement
    everyday and I do one box at a time.Hopefully I’ll be done decorating by
    the end of the week.

  3. Love the kitty sitting next to the pumpkin 🙂 So pretty! I put my stuff out
    first weekend of September. You have quite a collection!