Halloween Pet Costume Contest 2016 !


Halloween Pet Costume Contest 2016 !
The winners will receive a GIFT CERTIFICATE for Exotic Bird Hospital!
1st PLACE $ 50.00
2nd PLACE $ 30.00
3rd PLACE $ 20.00
Winners will be announced on our Facebook and Twiter pages on Nov 3rd. You can enter your pet pictures with different costumes and increase your chances of winning!!!

Scary Halloween Hazards For Your exotic Pet

Getting creative with your pet costume can be fun and exciting! Just remember safety first!

This common Halloween treat is not for your pet. Chocolate, especially in the form of dark or baking chocolate, can be toxic.

Halloween plants
Traditional Halloween decorations like pumpkins and corn are not toxic, but ingestion could cause digestive upset or an obstruction.

If you choose to light up your Jack O’Lantern with a candle, keep it out of the way of your mischievous pet to prevent burns.

If you choose to dress up your exotic pet, be sure that the costume fits well and does not obstruct vision, hearing, or breathing. A costumed pet should always be supervised so that it does not become tangled in the costume or chew off pieces.

Be sure that tempting decorations like tinsel, ribbons, or anything metal that can be ingested are kept out of reach.