Halloween Preparations


Finally started to get the Halloween decorations up this afternoon, so much more to Finnish tomorrow



  1. Wow you really do a big job for Halloween! Some people are going to get a
    shock when they turn up to your house tomorrow.

  2. Here’s a fact for you. We have had Halloween already. The town I live in,
    in Scotland is called Kilmarnock and we don’t get dressed up or go trick or
    treating on the 31st we do it the last Friday of October nomatter what date
    that is.

  3. House looking amazing.. Loving the vlogs working my way through them.. Your
    an amazing family the kids are such a credit to you both…Happy Halloween

  4. Oh Gary, I almost wet myself when you mentioned about beating me on the
    Fitbit challenge. Been a very positive day today, my sister and her partner
    came round this morning with the children and announced that they are
    expecting their first child together (2 others from previous relationship)
    so I’m going to be an aunty for the 3rd time! Your outside decorations look
    great and will sure attract people’s attention but I really hope nothing
    gets taken as know you’ve had trouble previous years. Can’t wait to see
    tomorrow’s Halloween vlog and I’ll try my hardest to beat you on the Fitbit
    challenge! xx

  5. Well Gary….the only thing we managed to get done was to let our little
    girls carve their pumpkins. That will be it for us this year! Your
    decorations look great! Good job!

  6. Get some Sriracha hot sauce Gary.. I love chilli on kebabs and on food but
    Archie hates hot food.. this way o can make us both a meal and I can have
    mine spicy.. I got mine from b and m for couple quid but Tesco and asda
    will sell it, always handy to have in for chilli emergencies lol. X

  7. Halloween decs look great guys hope you get it done in time – we had kebabs
    on Saturday as well – you can’t beat a donner smothered in chilli sauce
    (it’s practically our national dish theses days ha ha)

  8. Aww, You & Kirsty are such good parents. Glad you all felt a little better.
    Hope the kids enjoy their Halloween, and Poppy gets a lot of candy, lol.