Halloween Songs | Adventure Collection For Kids | Scary, Funny Halloween Costumes & Kids Songs 2016


A funny collection of songs and videos for kids awaits as your children explore the Halloween 2016 special (vampires and gross spiderweb decorations and pumpkins, oh my!), the Easter special, the Frozen Finger Family song, and more. Run time is 22 min.

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In our spooky first video, the Frozen land heroes have decorations all over the castle and show up in their favorite Halloween costumes. Hanna looks scary as the castle’s resident vampire, Ulric is a funny pirate, and Alisa is sporting her best Halloween makeup. Kids and toddlers can laugh and sing along with the Halloween song to get in the mood for autumn and trick-or-treating, then enjoy the fireworks show. You can even use this video as a way to talk about Halloween costume ideas.

Which costume is your favorite? Can you spot the spiderling from the Spider Princess’ castle in the Halloween video?

Here’s what they’re singing:
We wish you a Happy Halloween.
We wish you a Happy Halloween.
We wish you a Happy Halloween.
Filled with yummy sweets, treats, laughs, and super fun!

After the new Halloween video, we have lots of other entertaining learning songs and videos for kids, including favorites like the Frozen Finger Family song, the Spider Princess and her ABC song, the Alisa and Calida duet, the great Easter adventure, baby Alisa with a snow monster, and Alisa’s teaching songs (ABC and counting 1-20).

This video is great for getting kids excited about holidays and learning whether you’re native speakers of English or learning English as a second language (ESL).

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We hope you enjoy this Halloween and other Frozen land series collection, as well as our many other learning videos, collections, and compilations.

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