Halloween Store Visit – Decorations Animatronics Spider Family Fun Kids Toys Fun With Anshu


Anshu goes to Halloween Store and plays with Halloween Decor including Animatronics, Skeletons, Moving And Jumping Spider, Cerberus 3 headed dog, Swinging Lil Skelly Bones, Ghost Girl, Swinging Scarecrow, Creepy Clown Masks, 21 inch Black Jumping Spider, Reaper etc

Anshu had blast playing witn them. One skeleton comes near Anshu and put hand on the shoulder. What does Anshu do. Did he get scared?

Anshu plays with Halloween Ninja Turtles props, Captain America props. He also finds Trick or Treat baskets like Thomas, Minions, Elmo etc

Fun with Anshu – YouTube Channel – Kid playing with toys and having fun. Kids will laugh, learn something new.

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Have fun ……..