Halloween Tag! My Favorite Halloween Decorations


Hi guys! I wanted to do something different for this video as October 1st is officially tomorrow!

This Halloween decor compilation inspired by the fun channel “Holiday Every Day.” Be sure to watch their videos and subscribe to them:

I nominate “Stephanie Loves Fall” for this tag. I’m not even sure if it’s a thing yet or not but I thought it would be a fun idea. Check out her channel at

Happy Fall and thanks for joining me!



  1. AWESOME!!! thank you so much for the tag & shout out I’m excited to do this
    for sure, I’ll probably do it tomorrow awe thank you so much for your
    amazing compliments you’re so very SWEET yea so excited. Love your
    decorations. I also enjoy watching Holiday Every Day they are so cute &
    have cool vintage vibes too :”) someday I want a Jim Shore figurine an
    Angel or Jack & Sally.

  2. I love all your picks. I need to get another Jim Shore piece for this year
    too. I love this tag and you’ve got me all excited to get the rest of my
    decorations out this weekend. I love Stephany Loves Fall and I will check
    out the other one you mentioned. I will do this tag this weekend

  3. You have some really wonderful pieces ! I love the vintage look as well, it
    definitely invokes childhood memories ! Stephanie is just a sweetheart, I
    love her channel :)