Hard Coating Foam Props


How to hard coat foam sculptures and coating styrofoam props. We have used plastic dips, resins, fiberglass, two part epoxies, and many others but here is a cheaper way that can work for some holiday display props. Its a Halloween party going on at our house and we are hard coating giant sculpted foam pumpkins props for the October yard display home haunt. Its past the time for Halloween decorations and Halloween decorating but we are just getting started in this art of pumpkin carving mania and these are not you average Funkin pumpkins. We had a ton of styrofoam to sculpt and carve these Halloween props with. In this video we finish attaching the foam carved stems to the giant styrofoam pumpkins. After carving the large blocks of styrofoam into huge Halloween pumpkins they need protection and one cheaper choice for hard coating is to use flexible tile mortar. The best thing for these big orange world record size pumpkins would be a flexible epoxy or styro safe resin but that can get pricey. Using casting plaster or flexbond tile mortar can work well too you just need to do it in layers and get it to 3/16″ thick or more if you can. we will paint the pumpkins several different shades like you see in real pumpkin patches next. If we have time we will try to build a witches shack or a witch house facade that look like a cute little fairy tale cottage. We hope you enjoy as we take the ultimate pumpkin carving challenge!

Carving Foam Pumpkin Stems

Carving Giant Foam Pumpkins

Gluing Styrofoam Together With Spray Foam Adhesive

Multiple Homemade Hot Wire Foam Cutters & Sculpting Tools

Music By on the prowl

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  1. I can’t wait to see you paint them!!!!! When you first showed us the
    massive blocks of foam I had no idea what you could do with it, and now it
    doesn’t even look like something you made!!! It looks like something from
    the store!