Harley Quinn Costume Accessories for 2016


This year’s most popular female Halloween costume is without a doubt Harley Quinn from the movie Suicide Squad. In years past, women would dress up as the classic Harley Quinn that appeared in the comic books and cartoon from the 1990s. This costume had a red and black jester look with a full bodysuit and white makeup. This year, Margot Robbie’s take on the character brings a fresh outfit that can be easily pieced together or purchased all in one piece.

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The Complete Look – Starting with Bodysuit

harley quinn bodysuit

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The most notable difference in her outfit is her hair, which is now a pigtail look which is dyed pink and blue. She also wears a varsity jacket that reads “Property of Joker” which is red and blue to match her hair. To complete this look she puts on a varsity shirt top or bodysuit which is red, white, and blue in color.

The Best Wig

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One aspect of her costume that adds a nice touch is the “Puddin” choker that goes around her neck. This is an essential component of the outfit and is a must buy if you want to tie it all together. This could also be a piece that you created yourself in DIY fashion, however to make life easy it’s best to just purchase the real deal. Of all the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad accessories, this one might be the most important of all!

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There a few different options when it comes to the Suicide Squad jacket, but as long as you capture the red and blue look and feel that is all that really matters. One final accessory that you can buy is a Harley Quinn bat. This essentially serves as her main weapon and is a great way to make an appearance when wearing this costume to a Halloween party or contest.

jacket from suicide squad

buy buttonThe final and perhaps hardest piece of clothing to find is the correct Suicide Squad sequin shorts, which are also red and blue in color. Below are some great choices that you can use to finalize the appearance.

Finally, if you are looking for the pair of shoes that she wears in the movie, these are a very nice choice:

If you have a boyfriend or husband that wants to be The Joker, then the best thing to do is go as a couple. Jared Leto appeared in the film with a totally new take on The Joker and brings about a brand new costume that your husband or boyfriend can wear on Halloween in 2016. In fact, the entire cast of the Suicide Squad makes a great group costume if you have enough friends that want to dress up this year. Make sure you grab all of the costume accessories to ensure that you really go all out and make it a holiday to remember.

When you are out partying or Trick or Treating, make sure to carry on the insane personality of Harley Quinn! Tell some jokes, laugh like a maniac, and just have fun acting like a clown. Her behavior is one of total madness, so in order to sell the look you have to behave in a certain way and stay in character. If you have a partner that is dressed up as The Joker, then you both should be able to laugh wildly and enjoy being the life of the party, or else you might get laughed at yourselves!

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