Haunted Corn Field – Cold Mountain Corn Maze


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  1. I love the hunted tent or house it was very creative and on a low budget
    that’s a true Halloween ! and the corn maze I never been threw one but
    seems fun !!!

  2. This was fantastic , so much better at night ! I was watching and laugh
    crying when you got jump scared , I give this video 2 thumbs way up !

  3. By giving one arm or one leg to a zombie child, will feed them for 5 min. .
    Do you have it in your heart to give? Wish I lived closer looks like fun.

  4. One of your best vlogs, Jacob! There’s added value when you have an
    opportunity to interview the creator(s) of a roadside attraction and put a
    (semi-) human face to who thought up the fun!

  5. the haunted trail i volunteer at has the title of best corn maze in nc if
    anyones in my area of nc plz come down and check out hillside horror we
    have a website hillsidehorror.com would greatly appreciate all who come
    down were pretty intense