Haunted House – Bible Burnings


Jan/Feb 2016 Both paranormal investigators from the east coast: Nicole Novelle and Karisssa Fleck arrived and stayed at the house for a combined 3 1/2 weeks. Both ladies and the teams they partner with on the east coast monitored and observed the house with remote cams 24/7 for a period of 8 months. This video is sort of the end of that project. Karissa’s last night in the home.

The EVP’s (2) in this video were found recently. It was through review that the EVPs were uncovered. What you are hearing is a spirit speaking while Karissa and I have a verbal exchange We obviously can’t hear it.

I had a video camera running at the time which upon recent review appears to have picked up something.



  1. so, no one knows whats going on? what did you think about Zak’s reaction
    when the ghost adventures crew was there and when she walked passed him she
    freaked him out. The way it shows on video. it was like she went up to zak
    to get a reaction out of him? sorry. I’ve always wanted to ask that

  2. I wish i can come visit your house. after living with spirits your whole
    life. you become very sensitive on knowing when you can hear, and see them.