Haunted House GOES WRONG!! (Ghost ATTACKS Us?!)


So you guys smashed over 2000 likes on that last video, therefore we went back at NIGHT!

Sorry for not uploading for 2 weeks, I have been away on holiday in Menorca and got back home yesterday, I am also going to Reading Festival on Wednesday and therefore will not be able to upload until the Monday after.. but I will try to upload as much as I can around that time!

This video was pretty insane, it began with my camera battery and my phone battery both going from basically 100% to 1% within the space of just a couple seconds, the battery then rose back to the original amount after we left the building which is creepy. Then we heard one of the loudest bangs that I have ever faced while making these videos and we have no idea what caused it because we ran and never went back.

If we could smash 200 likes on this video then that would be insane and if we smash 6000 then WE WILL BE STAYING THE NIGHT!!!!

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  1. one thing you need to do is be is keep your mouth shut while you’re in the
    damn house. talking all the time you can’t possibly hear anything.