Haunted House – Possessed Teddy Bear


Washington State Poltergeist – 2016 DAY ONE: 1st Bear Alarm goes off at 00:58 Goes off again at 1:03 Bear Alarm goes off a 3rd time at 3:34 4th time at 4:48. 5th time at 5:40 6th time at 5:54 Alarm goes off a 7th time at 6:13 8th time at 6:55 Bear alarm goes for a 9th and 10th time at 7:37 and continuous touch at 7:39. 11th time 14:14. then again at 14:22 12 times now. 13th time at 15:20. 14th time at 21:58. Mic tap at 31:30 EVP at 34:07 “Keith” . Re-establishing baseline at 36:53. DAY 3 TEST 3. Bears goes off 1st time at 1:08:13 2nd time at 1:09:00 “Hey” EVP at 1:09:05 3rd time at 1:12:04. Mic tap 1:24:31. Bears goes of a 4th time at 1:37:08. DAY 4 TEST 4. Bear Rings at 2:58:30. DAY 4 TEST 5. I’m ironing clothes, getting ready to go meet friends for dinner. This Day 4 Test 5. 1st time at 3:43: 42. “KEITH” EVP at 3:54:03.Conclusion: The Bear Test was done for 5 days. There were 4 successful activation’s (alarm going off) during the course of that time. Day 2 nothing happened. Day 5 nothing happened. The number of times the alarm went off diminishes with each day. The theory behind that is they simply got bored. There numerous EVP’s in this video. many I left out. I will list them later. Feel free to add them below in the comments section. The “Keith” EVP at 3:54:03 is very noticeable. My name is Keith BTW. More tests, thought experiments are being done. I share what I catch. If anyone doubt these claims as being real. PM me. I can make both teddy bears accessible. The links below shed more light about this case. The bed shakes, poking and prodding still continue while I sleep. and